How to buy in VDI

Buying photos in Viena Directo Images is very easy.

You only need to select the photo that you like and to click on any of the three elements displayed below, like in the example:

Then, you will see the icon of the FOTOMOTO platform. They will print and ship your pictures.

We have selected the second option, that offers high definition prints of Museums, but you can choose normal prints as well or even prints on canvas.

Fotomoto allows also the possibility of converting Viena Directo Images  pictures in beautiful postcards to send to your friends.
Fotomoto will ask you to select the measures of the desired photo. For your convenience, you will see the price with the chosen photo.

If you click on the option Add to Cart, you will see this:

The final step will be the Check Out option in wich you will have to fill your personal and bank information. Once you have placed your order, you will receive your photo in a short time.